Released on 14 Mar 2017

Sfera for Pebble Time Round is a highly customizable watchface that gets the most of the smartwatch capabilities. Set your preferences and enjoy this beautifully designed watchface.


Download from Pebble Appstore


  • Clock mode:
    • Analog: Classic analog watchface
    • Digital: Centered hour and minute display based on analog movement
    • Dual: Analog and Digital all in one
    • Mix: Digital Hour and Analogic Minute
  • Autodetection of 12h/24h based on your watch settings

Take your pick

  • Date - Get the weekday based on the language set on your Pebble.
  • Dots as minute markers - choose your color
  • Battery level displayed beautifully as an arc near the bezel. Choose your color and below 20% it turns red!
  • Weather: Current conditions on °c or °f.
  • Choose your weather provider:
  • Implementation of
  • Location, based on your selected weather provider
  • On Bluetooth disconnected displays BTDis
  • On GPS requested but disconnected displays GPSDis
  • Night theme displayed between sunset and sunrise


Autotranslating of weekday supported for:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Future developments

  • 12/24h mode
  • Night theme
  • Several weather providers available
  • implemented for easy managing your API keys





Weather providers


Master Key is a service for Pebble users. Get a unique PIN and add API Keys for your favorite online services. Please check for more info.


Developed under license MIT.

Made in Madrid, Spain