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gitdevr provides a custom pkgdown template based on the GitDev skin provided with my Jekyll theme chulapa.

See a preview of the template in


You can install the developing version of gitdevr with:


Alternatively, you can install gitdevr using the r-universe:

# Install gitdevr in R:
install.packages("gitdevr", repos = c(


After the successful installation, if you already have your pkgdown setup ready, you only need to specify the template parameter as follow. Then, as before, you can build your site using pkgdown::build_site().

  bootstrap: 5
  package: gitdevr

Keep in mind that you should NOT use default_assets: false when you change the default template. gitdevr relies on some of the pkgdown assets and templates.

It is recommended to add the following line to your DESCRIPTION:

Config/Needs/website: dieghernan/gitdevr

By doing so, when using r-lib actions for deploying your site, the github action would install the package for you automatically.