How to use Chulapa

Chulapa was developed in and for Github. There are two tested possible ways to use Chulapa:

1. Remote theme method

This is the recommended option. You can use the jekyll-remote-theme method with this theme. Create a Github account, go to chulapa-101 repo, fork it and quickstart your site!

If you prefer not to fork the dedicated repo, follow these steps:

  • Create a new GitHub repository or go to an existing one
  • Add this line to your _config.yml and make sure to remove any previous theme or remote theme parameter:

remote_theme: dieghernan/chulapa

... more config options

Don’t forget to deploy your site:

  • On your Github repo, go to Setting > Github Pages and publish your site.
  • Add your content.

By using jekyll-remote-theme your repo would have remote access to the content of these folders:

  • assets
  • _layouts
  • _includes
  • _sass

Note that making copies of theme files will prevent you from receiving any theme updates on those files.

Please read the rest of the docs for further adjustments.

Gem-based method

This theme has not been developed as a gem-based theme, so this option has been not explored yet.

Potentially: After the first stable release.