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A twitter bot written in R.

🤖 Twitter bot: random municipalities of Spain 🇪🇸 with {mapSpain} posted with {rtweet} via a GitHub Action

Hi! I am a bot 🤖 that tweets a random map of a Spanish municipality with its name, province, and autonomous community (and a inset map of Spain showing the region and the community). I run 🏃‍♀️ every 20 minutes.

I have a website!!

📦 R packages

Core packages used in the project are:

  • {mapSpain} for the location of the municipalities, base polygons and coordinates and imagery,
  • {osmdata} for the streets,
  • {tmap} for plotting,
  • {rtweet} for posting,

Other packages used are {sf}, {dplyr} and another common supporting packages.