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Data on IGOs from 1815-2014, at the IGO-year level. Contains one record per IGO-year (with years listed at 5 year intervals through 1965, and annually thereafter).


data frame with 19335 rows. Relevant fields:

  • ioname: Short abbreviation of the IGO name.

  • orgname: Full IGO name.

  • year: Calendar Year.

  • afghanistan...zimbabwe: status of that state in the IGO. See Details.

  • sdate: start date (year) that the IGO started.

  • deaddate: dead date (year) that the IGO dead.

  • longorgname: a longer version of the IGOs name (including previous names)

  • ionum: IGO id number in v2.1 and v3.0 of the data.

  • version: COW version number.

See Codebook Version 3 IGO Data for full reference.


Intergovernmental Organizations (v3), The Correlates of War Project (IGO Data Stata Files).


Possible value of the status of that state in the IGO are:

CategoryNumerical value
No Membership0
Full Membership1
Associate Membership2
Missing data-9
State Not System Member-1


Raw data used internally by igoR.


Pevehouse, Jon CW, Timothy Nordstrom, Roseanne W McManus, and Anne Spencer Jamison. "Tracking Organizations in the World: The Correlates of War IGO Version 3.0 Datasets." Journal of Peace Research 57, no. 3 (May 2020): 492-503.

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