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Beautiful Maps with R (IV): Fun with flags revisited

Any picture as a basemap

On 27 Jan. 2022 my package rasterpic was accepted on CRAN (Hooray!!). This package allows to geotag images, using an spatial object (from sf or terra) as a geographic reference.

I tweeted about that, and it seems to have a good feedback from the #rspatial community:

I received also an interesting reply to this from Hefin Ioan Rhys @HRJ21:

That remembers me to a previous post that I wrote when I added some new functions to the cartography package, now replaced by the mapsf package.

With rasterpic we have now an alternative tool for creating maps using images, and this quick post would show you how to do it.

I would replicate the Africa map presented on my previous plot, but this time I would use newer packages, as giscoR package, and the development version of ggspatial (not released yet), that adds support to SpatRaster object on ggplot2. The flags would be extracted from the GitHub repository

# Development version of ggspatial
# devtools::install_github("paleolimbot/ggspatial")

# For country names

world <- gisco_get_countries(epsg = 3857)
africa <- gisco_get_countries(region = "Africa", epsg = 3857)

# Base map of Africa
plot <- ggplot(world) +
  geom_sf(fill = "grey90") +
  theme_minimal() +
  theme(panel.background = element_rect(fill = "lightblue"))

plot +
  # Zoom on Africa
    xlim = c(-2000000, 6000000),
    ylim = c(-4000000, 5000000)

plot of chunk 20220128_africa

Now, let’s add the flags with a loop:

# We paste the ISO2 code to each african country
africa$iso2 <- countrycode(africa$ISO3_CODE, "iso3c", "iso2c")

# Get flags from repo - low quality to speed up the code
flagrepo <- ""

# Loop and add
for (iso in africa$iso2) {
  # Download pic and plot
  imgurl <- paste0(flagrepo, tolower(iso), ".png")
  tmpfile <- tempfile(fileext = ".png")
  download.file(imgurl, tmpfile, quiet = TRUE, mode = "wb")

  # Raster
  x <- africa %>% filter(iso2 == iso)
  x_rast <- rasterpic_img(x, tmpfile, crop = TRUE, mask = TRUE)
  plot <- plot + layer_spatial(x_rast)

plot +
  geom_sf(data = africa, fill = NA) +
  # Zoom on Africa
    xlim = c(-2000000, 6000000),
    ylim = c(-4000000, 5000000)

plot of chunk 20220128_flag