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Use MathJax

Project page with a hero header

03 feb 2020

This page shows the hero header with a project button. It also has enabled comments, mathjax and a modified date.

Example of MathJax:

\[\int_D ({\nabla\cdot} F)dV=\int_{\partial D} F\cdot ndS\]
title: Use MathJax
subtitle: Project page with a hero header
categories: [demo]
header_type: hero
tags: [layout-default,header-hero, mathjax, social-links, tags, categories, bottom-navs, date, project-links, comments]
date: 2020-02-03
last_modified_at: 2020-02-19
show_date         : true
show_sociallinks  : true
show_tags         : true
show_categories   : true
show_bottomnavs   : true
show_comments     : true
mathjax: true
    - url:
      icon: fas fa-superscript
      label: Go to
    - url:
      icon: fab fa-github
      label: Example