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A guest author

And with a new project

This page shows how a contributor could be added to your blog. In this case Octocat is telling us about its plans on the next months…

title: A guest author
subtitle: And with a new project
categories: [demo, author-guest]
header_type: splash
tags: [layout-default,header-splash, social-links, tags, categories, bottom-navs, date, comments, project-links, author, author-guest]
date: 2020-02-29
show_date         : true
show_sociallinks  : true
show_tags         : true
show_categories   : true
show_bottomnavs   : true
show_comments     : true
show_author       : true
    - url:
      icon: fab fa-github
      label: Check it on Github
  name: Octocat
  location: San Francisco, CA 94107, United States
    - url:
      icon: "fab fa-github"
      label: GitHub
    - url:
      icon: fab fa-twitter
      label: Twitter
    - url:
      icon: "fab fa-facebook"
      label: Facebook
    - url:
      icon: "fab fa-linkedin"
      label: LinkedIn